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Have you ever thought of changing your hair color? If so, but maybe you’re a little afraid, you should try a Hair Color Changer app.

In fact, changing your hair into a new style, hair cut or color can be scary.

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And you’ve probably avoided it for being afraid of not being as good as you wanted to.

So, the interesting thing about these apps, is that you can try a completely new look without having to really change your hair.

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Then, on these apps you can get a blond, red or dark hair and see how you’d look with the new style. 

You can even get a colorful hair like blue, pink or with two or more colors.

That’s why you should try out now a hair color changer app.

Take a look at the 3 best apps to change hair color we’ve picked for you:

1- Hair Color Lab Change or Dye

First, let’s talk about this app. Without having to go to a saloon you can get your new style.

To change your hair color you can upload a pic from the gallery or take one with the camera in the app.

The app is very easy and simple to use and has lots of features:

  • Super zoom – You’ll easily reach spots
  • All the colors you want – Natural or crazy bright, it’s up to you!
  • Offset brush, so your finger won’t get in the way
  • Adjust opacity as you like
  • Undo button

Finally, after you’re done with your new hair, you can save and share the photo on your social media.

Or even send it to your friends and see what they think about it.

Hair Color change app is available for iOS.

2- Hair Colour Changer: HairStyle

Second, we have this great hair color changer app option.

Do you have a wish to look like a star? Thinking about changing your hair color? 

Want to know how you would look with a different hair color? Bright purple or natural blonde? Look no further! 

You will love how quickly you can see the results with Hair Color Changer.

Also, with awesome features:

  • Select & recolor parts with a precise brush
  • Preview your future styles before applying  
  • Navigate easily between different colors
  • Adjust the intensity of the new color tone
  • Compare the before and after photos

After that, you can save the photos and share whenever you like.

Hair Color Changer app is available for Android and iOS.

3- Fabby Look

If you’re looking for a different, very stylish and cool hair, this app is for you!

Fabby Look has great colors for you to try.

It’s 10+ trendy styles like pink, blue, purple, magenta, platinum and more.

Also is very easy to use, you will have your new hair in a few seconds.

Besides, it has other features:

  • Try on live: try out with your hair color in real time
  • Take a photo and complete your looks virtually before saving the photo
  • Save and share the results on social media or with your friends

Fabby Lookhair color changer app is available for Android.

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