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If you’re a plant and flower addict, you probably want to know all the kinds and names to get them to your house. If so, meet the plant identifier app.

No, that’s not only a mother’s and grandma’s thing. A lot of people are addicted to plants and flowers.

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And if you’re one of them, you shouldn’t worry, we understand you!

Plants are beautiful and used to decorate even interiors of houses, stores and all kinds of places.

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Also, they bring a fresh air and a good and clean feeling to the place.

So if you’re one of that people that see a plant in someone’s house or a random place.

And wants to know what plant it is, these apps are totally gonna help you.

Check out 3 options of plant identifier app that we’ve picked for you:

1- PictureThis – Plant Identifier

First, let’s talk about PictureThis. This app identifies more than a million plants every day with 98% accuracy.

Did you see a beautiful plant, but have no idea what kind or name it is?

Or need an advice on how to care for your plants?

It’s very easy to use:

Take a photo of the plant and the app will identify and answer all your questions about it.

The app also has great features:

  • Identify flowers, plants and trees instantly
  • Diagnose plant problems and see treatment suggestions
  • Get advices professional botanists in one-on-one conversations
  • Use a plant guide to help you to choose and grow healthy plants
  • Take awesome photographs with the easy-to-use interface

PictureThis Plant Identifier is available for Android and iOS.

2- LeafSnap Plant Identification

Second, we have LeafSnap app. Perfect if you has seen a beautiful wildflower or unusual-looking shrub, and you struggle to discern.

So instead of wasting time trying to figure it out what plant it is, just simply take a snap and let the app tell it to you.

LeafSnap recognizes 90% of all known species of plants and trees.

It also has other features:

  • Quickly identify thousands of flowers, plants fruits and trees
  • Have access to a huge plant database and learn about the plants
  • Create your own custom collections and more

LeafSnap plant identifier app is available for iOS.

3- Plant Lens – Plant & Flower Identification

Last, we have Plant Lens. This app is great if you ever wondered the flower’s name on your way home.

The app is also very and quick easy to use:

Just take a picture of the plant you’ve found and Plant Lens will tell you what plant it is. 

Plant Lens is able of identifying more than 60 thousands plants species with accuracy of 92%.

It also has other very cool features:

  • Explore plants all around the world with an identifier and mobile
  • Besides plants identification, it can identify leaves, flowers and mushrooms
  • It can also identify succulents, cactus and more

Plant Lens plant identifier app is available for Android and iOS.

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