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Pregnancy is a new season in a woman’s life full of unknown stages. To help and reassure mom, you need to have the best pregnancy app.

There are a lot of questions that can come every week, and also a lot of advice from all sides that can confuse you.

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With these apps, you can enter information and ask questions, always stay up-to-date about the development and even about the baby’s size.

In addition, you can calculate the date the baby will be born, when it was generated at what stage of pregnancy you are.

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Check out now the best pregnancy app we’ve picked for you:

1- Pregnancy Tracker app week by week in 3D

Firstly, let’s meet this great app. The best one at Play Store and also App Store.

So this is the must have app if you’re expecting a baby.

The Pregnancy tracker app offers expert advices, daily articles, healthcare tips and more.

There are also interactive 3D models, so you can track your baby’s development. 

The app even offers all these very important features for moms:

  • Baby Development/Baby Size Guide – Compare your baby’s size to fruits
  • Interactive 3D models so you can see your baby’s development
  • Guides that explain what to expect in each week
  • Simple and informative timeline highlighting important milestones
  • Breastfeeding, foods, exercises complete guides 
  • Daily Pregnancy Articles
  • 2D & 3D Scans by pregnancy week for you to browse
  • Daily Blog Posts with tips, tricks & helpful advice
  • Due Date Calculator to know when your baby will arrive
  • Weight log to keep an eye on changes in your weight
  • Contraction Timer to measure contractions throughout your labor
  • Calendar enables you to plan & document your prenatal appointments
  • Baby names for inspiration

And much more. Isn’t it the best pregnancy app for you?

Pregnancy Tracker app is free and available for Android and iOS.

2- Pregnancy Week By Week

Secondly, we have this great app to track your pregnancy week-by-week.

Besides, you can understand every phase you’re going through.

With this app you can easily:

  • Track your pregnancy week by week
  • Understand the changes on your baby every week
  • Calculate current week of pregnancy
  • Personal Pregnancy guide
  • Get a estimative due date – Know when your baby will be born
  • Track all baby kicks
  • Make notes with your pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness
  • Also notes to changes to your body
  • Schedule doctor’s appointments
  • Contraction counter that measures contractions throughout your labor
  • Kegel exercise trainer
  • Weight Tracker – keep an eye on changes in your weight
  • Trimester chart 

Pregnancy Week By Week also shows you your baby compared to a size of a fruit.

So it’s easy to know how big your baby is, and track the weight too.

This pregnancy tracker is perfect for you to keep up with all it’s going on in your new phase of life.

Pregnancy Week By Week pregnancy tracker is free and available for Android.

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