Apps for listening to music

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Hello, today we are going to talk about the best apps for listening to music.

These days, music is present everywhere and in everything we do. It’s hard to do some things without listening to music.

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Have you ever imagined working, doing physical activity, going to the gym or driving without listening to good music? Difficult, isn’t it?

The psychology of music defines that music is related to some brain functions of perception, action, cognition, emotion, learning and memory.

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In addition, when listening to music, our brain stimulates the neurotransmitters, dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin.

Thus, music may be responsible for providing feelings of satisfaction, happiness, relaxation and well-being.

That’s why we’ve selected the best apps for listening to music.

Please read the following paragraphs carefully:


TIDAL offers quality music with high sound fidelity.

The App has a library of over 100 million songs and over 650,000 HD videos, including music videos, live experiences and original content series.

In this way, Tidal automatically creates personalized playlists with mixes of videos and songs based on your favorite music genre and most played songs.

Therefore, you can also create your playlists and share them with different people. Tidal also offers the ability to add multiple contributors to your playlists.

In addition, the application is complete and offers compatibility with several devices, including smart watches.

You can access the app right below.

Soundtrack Player 🎧

Soundtrack Player is ideal for you who like different songs and artists, but of the same genre. The App offers more than 100 million songs of all genres.

In addition, the application has a huge library of playlists, selected by a curation team.

Playlists are separated by genres, artists and musical aspects.

Some playlists are dedicated to styles of establishments such as, for example, restaurant, coffee shop, hip bar groove, night jazz, among others.


TREBEL is the only free app that lets you listen to your music offline and ad-free. The application does not have any limitations on users, all features are unlimited.

Therefore, it is possible to play various songs stored on your device.

Also, you can listen and watch video clips available on YouTube.

Above all, the application relies on artificial intelligence that identifies any song in seconds.

The artificial music identification function is called in the app as SHAZAM. All you have to do is trigger and find what you want.

Anyway, you can access the application right below.

LiveOne 🎧

LiveOne has a radio streaming system, with pre-programmed stations for all musical genres.

In addition, you can follow the interviews and presentations of the biggest artists, concerts and festivals like Rock In Rio.

Therefore, LiveOne has a curatorship responsible for highlighting the musical novelties of Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, Rock and among others.

The application is an excellent option to listen to different songs and meet different new artists daily.

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The app is compatible with all mobile devices. Follow the link below.

Find the apps mentioned above:

TIDAL Music — Available for Android  and  iOS devices.

Soundtrack Player — Available for Android and iOS devices.

TREBEL — Available for Android  and iOS devices.

LiveOne — Available for Android and iOS devices. 


Finally, we can conclude our article on the best apps to listen to music.

All apps mentioned above will help you listen to your favorite songs.

We hope you can enjoy the apps and relax to the sounds of your favorite artists.

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