Application to increase cell phone battery

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Have you ever identified the reason why your cell phone battery drains too quickly? Discover an application to increase cell phone battery.

The right app can moderate and optimize your cell phone’s battery, as well as tools that identify what may be increasing consumption.

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Get to know the top 4 apps to increase your cell phone battery.

1.Battery Saver

Battery Saver is considered the  better application forsave energy of the cell phone available for iPhone.

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The app provides battery accuracy, showing how long it lasts and when it needs to be recharged, so you will no longer run out of battery.

No battery saver app, you will find tips on how increase cell phone battery, however, offers tools with other functionalities, such as, for example, protector for your iPhone screen.

O mobile app doesn’t download quickly It’s free, and available for iPhone.

2.Battery Guru

Battery Guru is the guru of apps to increase your cell phone battery.

With a great rating onGoogle Play, score of 4.4 with more than 17 thousand reviews.

The application monitors your battery, offering strategies for increase your cell phone’s battery life.

However, users also get information about speed, battery voltage.

Understand your battery cycles, the importance of programming screen lighting, and the consumption that occurs through applications.

3. Battery Life Doctor Pro

Battery Life Doctor Pris the app that provides professional tips on how to keep your cell phone battery in good working order.

This way, you will have strategies to increase your cell phone’s battery life. Also increasing your productivity.

However, theBattery Life Doctor Pro is the app forMaintain your cell phone’s battery life

Available for iPhone, the app also has the function of checking the your device’s memory status.

This functionality also serves to identify storage space.

Finally, you can count on functions such as animations, smart photo cleaner and deletion of similar photos and videos.

O application has a free version and subscription version, available in theApp Store.

4. Accubattery

Like the apps mentioned above, the Accubattery is an application to increase your cell phone battery for free.

However, there are different tools that can help you notify when to take your cell phone off the charger at the right time.

The application has an alarm that is triggered when reaching 100%, the application issues a message.

Additionally, it informs you of the battery level, capacity in mAh and recharge time.

Available for Android phones

Access the app and see which one best suits your needs, having an oscillating battery will no longer be a problem for you.

The applications are available free of charge and with pro functions for any user who wishes.

1.Battery Saver

2.Battery Guru

3. Battery Life Doctor Pro

4. Accubattery

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