Best Apps to Take Photos to Look Pregnant

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In the era of digital enhancement and social media, there’s an app for almost everything, including those that can help you visualize or share a virtual pregnancy.

Whether you’re planning to prank your friends, envision your future family, or participate in a creative project, several apps can help you achieve a realistic pregnant look in your photos.

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Here’s a list of the best apps for taking photos to look pregnant, along with the platforms where they are available for download.

1. Baby Maker

Overview: Baby Maker is a popular app designed to predict what your baby might look like, but it also includes features to add a pregnant belly to your photos.

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It’s user-friendly and offers various customization options to ensure the image looks realistic.


Customizable baby bump sizes

Easy-to-use interface

Integration with social media for easy sharing

Options to add accessories like maternity clothes

Available on: iOS and Android

Why it’s great: Baby Maker is perfect for those who want a fun and simple way to add a pregnancy effect to their photos without much hassle.

2. Pregnancy Photo Booth

Overview: Pregnancy Photo Booth is specifically tailored for adding a pregnancy look to your photos. With a variety of realistic baby bump stickers and editing tools, this app allows for detailed customization.


High-resolution baby bump stickers

Editing tools for adjusting the bump’s size and position

Filters and effects to enhance the overall look

Simple sharing options for social media

Available on: iOS and Android

Why it’s great: This app stands out for its realistic bump stickers and the ability to fine-tune the appearance of your photos, making it a top choice for those seeking authenticity.

3. Pregnancy Photo Editor

Overview: Pregnancy Photo Editor is a versatile app that not only allows you to add a baby bump but also includes various tools for enhancing your overall photo. It’s ideal for those who want to create professional-looking maternity photos.


Variety of baby bump stickers

Advanced photo editing tools (e.g., brightness, contrast, saturation)

Fun frames and backgrounds

Maternity dress stickers

Available on: iOS and Android

Why it’s great: With its comprehensive editing tools, Pregnancy Photo Editor is perfect for creating polished and visually appealing photos that can easily be mistaken for real pregnancy shots.

4. Pregnant Belly Booth

Overview: Pregnant Belly Booth is designed for fun and ease of use. It offers a range of features to help you simulate pregnancy in your photos quickly.


A wide selection of baby bump options

Adjustable bump sizes

Fun add-ons like humorous captions and stickers

One-click sharing to social media platforms

Available on: iOS and Android

Why it’s great: This app is great for those looking to add a touch of humor to their photos, thanks to its fun stickers and captions, while still maintaining a realistic pregnant look.

5. Mommy-to-Be Photo Maker

Overview: Mommy-to-Be Photo Maker is tailored for expectant mothers who want to visualize their pregnancy journey. However, it also works perfectly for anyone looking to simulate a pregnant look.


Realistic baby bump overlays

Customizable maternity outfits

Photo enhancement tools

Timeline feature to track and visualize a pregnancy progression

Available on: iOS and Android

Why it’s great: This app is excellent for creating a series of photos that show the progression of a pregnancy, making it ideal for storytelling or creative projects.

Tips for Using Pregnancy Photo Apps

Choose the right photo: Select a photo where your pose can realistically accommodate a baby bump. Standing sideways or at a slight angle often works best.

Lighting and angles: Good lighting and proper angles can enhance the realism of the added bump. Natural light is usually the best.

Outfit selection: Wear clothes that would typically suit a pregnant figure. Loose or stretchy clothes can make the bump look more natural.

Edit with care: Don’t overdo the effects. Subtle adjustments often yield the most realistic results.


Whether for fun, creativity, or envisioning a future scenario, these apps provide various features to help you achieve a realistic pregnant look in your photos.

From basic bump stickers to advanced editing tools, there’s an app for every need and preference. Download these apps on iOS or Android and enjoy the process of creating beautiful, and sometimes humorous, pregnancy photos.

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