The Best Apps to Simulate Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Guide

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Simulating pregnancy through apps can be both educational and entertaining.

Whether you’re preparing for a future pregnancy, want to better understand the experience, or just enjoy virtual simulations, there are a variety of apps available across different platforms.

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Here’s a rundown of the best apps to simulate pregnancy, their features, and where you can download them.

1. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App by BabyCenter

Platform: iOS and Android

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Description: This app offers a comprehensive guide through pregnancy with daily updates on what to expect.

It includes a 3D interactive visualization of fetal development, daily tips, and pregnancy health advice.


3D fetal development visualization

Daily tips and articles

Pregnancy health tracker

Community support groups


2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: Ovia provides personalized tracking for pregnancy with detailed milestones, health summaries, and baby size comparisons. The app also offers a baby name finder and community support.


Personalized pregnancy tracking

Weekly video updates

Baby size comparisons

Health summaries and tips


3. Sprout Pregnancy

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: Sprout Pregnancy provides a 3D interaction feature that shows the baby’s development.

The app includes tools for tracking kicks, contractions, and appointments, along with a personalized pregnancy timeline.


3D baby interaction

Kick counter and contraction timer

Personalized pregnancy timeline

Comprehensive health tracker


4. Pregnancy ++

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: Pregnancy ++ offers a visual and interactive pregnancy guide. It includes weekly updates, baby development visualizations, and a comprehensive pregnancy tracker.

The app also provides tools for tracking weight, appointments, and daily activities.


Interactive baby development visuals

Weekly updates and tips

Comprehensive pregnancy tracker

Weight and appointment tracker


5. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: Hello Belly offers fun and easy-to-understand pregnancy tips and visualizations.

The app includes animated videos about the baby’s development and a pregnancy to-do list.


Fun and simple tips

Animated development videos

Pregnancy to-do list

Health and wellness guides


6. Glow Nurture

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: Glow Nurture provides an advanced pregnancy tracker and offers insights based on extensive data.

The app features symptom tracking, daily log, and community support.


Advanced pregnancy tracking

Symptom and health log

Personalized insights

Community and support groups



Whether you’re looking for detailed educational content, interactive visualizations, or community support, these apps provide a wide range of features to simulate and understand pregnancy.

Available on both iOS and Android, they cater to various needs and preferences, making them accessible and useful tools for anyone interested in the pregnancy journey.

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