Best Apps to Help Your Baby Sleep

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A baby’s sleep is one of the main concerns for parents, and technology can be a significant ally in this task.

There are various apps that help create a calm environment and establish a sleep routine for little ones.

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Below, we present some of the best apps available on iOS and Android platforms that can assist in putting your baby to sleep.

1. Sound Sleeper: White Noise

Available for iOS and Android, Sound Sleeper is an app that offers a variety of white noise sounds that help calm the baby and induce sleep.

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The available sounds include fan noise, rain, ocean waves, and even the sound of the womb, providing a familiar and relaxing environment for the baby.

2. Baby Sleep – White Noise

Also available for iOS and Android, Baby Sleep is a simple and effective app that offers various relaxing sounds to help the baby sleep.

In addition to white noise, the app includes lullabies, classical music, and even gentle stories, helping to create a calm atmosphere for sleep.

3. Sleepy Sounds

Sleepy Sounds is a free app available for Android that offers a variety of soothing sounds and relaxing music.

Additionally, the app has a timer feature that allows you to set the playback time of the sounds, facilitating the transition to a peaceful sleep without the need for parental intervention.

4. Baby Shusher

Available for iOS and Android, Baby Shusher uses shushing techniques to calm the baby and induce sleep.

The app offers different playback times and the option to adjust the volume, allowing you to customize the experience according to your baby’s needs.

5. Sleeptot

Sleeptot is an app available for iOS and Android that offers over 30 soothing sounds, including lullabies, white noise, and nature sounds.

Additionally, the app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for parents to use.

6. Baby Monitor 3G

Although not a soothing sounds app, Baby Monitor 3G deserves mention for its sleep monitoring functionality.

Available for iOS and Android, this app transforms your smartphone into a baby monitor, allowing you to monitor your baby’s sleep from a distance and intervene if necessary.


Apps to help your baby sleep are valuable tools for parents who want to create a more peaceful and efficient sleep routine.

With options ranging from white noise to lullabies and sleep monitoring, there are a variety of resources available to meet the needs of each family.

By exploring these options, parents can find the ideal solution to ensure restful and peaceful sleep for their little ones.

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