Phone tracker app – It’s a must have!

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If you’re looking for a phone tracker app to keep your loved ones safe, you must read this article.

Today it’s very helpful to know where your family, kids or friends are, that’s why you need the phone tracking app. 

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This app will help locate and track your loved ones and so you can keep them safe wherever you go.

Are your kids going by themselves to school? Are your friends travelling? 

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With the app you’ll know where they are all the time!

How does a Phone tracker app works?

The app has an accurate GPS tracker that will locate all your phones, family and friends.

With the GPS you will know exactly where they are or where your phone is in real time.

A important thing is that it’s totally safe.

The cell phone tracker app enables GPS location and then track between family members and friends in a totally private network.

We’ve picked the 2 best options of Phone tracker app for you:

1- Phone Tracker by number

Firstly, we have this great option of Phone tracking app.

With this app it’s easy to locate and track family and friends.

Also, with great features:

Free WiFi app – Get the best one

  • It’s totally free and you can add an endless number of users
  • You can see the complete location history
  • Find your phone easily, even if it was stolen or lost
  • Get GPS notifications, when one of your family members are nearby
  • Get notifications when you family/friends move between locations
  • You can see the battery charge level of all your family members
  • See where they are with an icon on the map
  • Know where family and friends are all the time

How to use the app?

1. First get the app and register with your phone number

2. Tap the invitation button and select the number of your family members or friends

3. The app will send the invitation to your family/friends

Finally, after they accept the invitation link, they will allow you to be connected to them.

And so you will be able see where they are all the time and they can see where you are too.

This find my device app is free and available for Android and iOS.

2- Life360: Find Family & Friends 

Secondly, with more than 1 million downloads, this is the best phone tracking app.

The app is perfect for you to protect and connect to the ones who matters to you.

There are features for safety on the web, on the and at home.

The app is more than a cell phone tracker app.

That means, for free you’ll get location sharing, location history and two place alerts.

So you can see your family and friends come and go from home, work or school for example.

Moreover, if you upgrade to membership premium you’ll get other great tools.

The memberships offer:

  • SOS alert to send to your family and emergency contacts
  • 24/7 emergency dispatch – the app will call everyone in your contacts if you’re in a emergency
  • Identity Theft Protection – all your digital information is safe and you get up to $1 million in coverage
  • Family Safety Assist – real-time support all the time, anywhere, and in any situation

This find my device app is available for Android and iOS.

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