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Are you travelling and need to find free WiFi? Or did you run out of data and need to talk to someone? Then you need an app for free WiFi.

That’s totally true! You can have in your phone an app to find WiFi near you when you need.

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These apps are safe and they’ll share with you hotspots and secure passwords so you can connect and stay on.

For example, if you’re travelling and want to post on your social media, the free WiFi app can be very helpful. 

Publicidade - OTZAds

You can find spots all around the world and to stay connected all the time, even when travelling abroad.

We’ve found the 3 best app for free WiFi, and we’re gonna share with you now:

1- Instabridge – WiFi Passwords

Firstly, the great option to find free WiFi spots near you.

Instabridge it’s a complete app that has more than 3 million secure free WiFi spots.

Also the app is very easy to use and will only show you safe and working well WiFi spots.

So, if you want to find free WiFi nearby, this app is perfect for you.

You won’t have to ask for for the password, isn’t that great?!

With the app you will find all the spots near you.

The app has great features:

  • Get WiFi connections when you’re out, travelling, even in big cities
  • There’s no cost
  • Unlimited data
  • Easy peasy to use
  • Download the lists of WiFi spots from the city where you’re gonna travel, and then you’ll know the passwords to connect when you’re offline

In fact, all the spots have already been added by other people, and you can always add new spots too.

To add a new spot, it’s very easy and by doing that, you’ll be contribute helping others to have free WiFi when they need.

One last tip: click on the filter button on the maps page, then make sure you can see the 3 WiFi types.

By doing that you’ll get all the WiFi around you.

Instabridge is free and available for Android and iOS.

2- WiFi Magic by Mandic Passwords

Second great option has more than 2 million hotspots.

With this app you can connect to the internet for free.

WiFi Magic is a complete and easy social network for public WiFi passwords.

The app is secure and it counts on the collaboration between users.

That means, people like you are adding and updating daily the WiFi spots and passwords.

Besides, it’s secure cause WiFi Magic has no direct access to router or passwords settings.

Also, you can use the app all around the world, even in Patagonia, Greenland and Central Africa.

The great advantages of using an app for free WiFi:

  • Save roaming charges 
  • Find the closest WiFi spot 
  • Save charges when travelling abroad

WiFi Magic by Mandic is available for Android and iOS.

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3- WiFi Warden – WiFi Passwords and more

Last great option is WiFi Warden. The app will show you the best WiFi spots near you.

In the app you can find out the password for the place (restaurant, park, bus) where you’re at.

Besides, the app is totally safe and free.

WiFi Warden also has great features:

  • You can create strong passwords
  • Share your WiFi and passwords with other people
  • Navigate private on the internet
  • Get connected to spots shared by other people
  • Test you connection speed
  • See who’s connected to your WiFi

WiFi Warden WiFi Passwords app is available for Android.

Instabridge Android and iOS.

WiFi Magic by Mandic Passwords Android and iOS

WiFi Warden Android.

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