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Wondering if you are pregnant? The Pregnancy test app can help you easily to find out whether you are or not.

That’s great cause you can have a quick test on your own smartphone and get an answer in a few seconds.

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Pregnancy test app will help you to know if you’re pregnant or not based on the pregnancy symptoms.

It’s an easy way for you to understand and know wether you are or not.

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Checkout below the 3 best apps we’ve picked for you:

1- Pregnancy Test – Symptoms

First great option, Pregnancy Test app has a complete questionnaire for you to answer.

The quiz has 15 questions about early signs of pregnancy.

Then after you responded to it, you’ll get an approximate percentage of how close or far you are of being pregnant.

If the percentage is close of being pregnant, you can go to the doctor or get a pharmacy test.

But the app will give you an approximate orientation.

This pregnancy test app has:

  • 15 questions about symptoms 
  • All simple questions to quick answer 
  • All online and very easy to do
  • Guiding results

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The questions are about early pregnancy symptoms like: appetite, vomiting, fatigue, irritability and more.

Pregnancy Test app is available for iOS.

2- Pregnancy test at Home Guide

Second option, with this app you can easily do a pregnancy test at home.

Specially cause it’s not always possible to take a pharmacy pregnancy test if it’s too early for the test to be accurate.

So this app will be a perfect option for you to know if you’re pregnant or not.

The app will give you questions that you can answer and then will tell you the probability of you being pregnant or not.

Also, you can understand the method applied.

All you need you can find in your own house.

To try now, you can access the app that is available for Android smartphones.

3- Am I Pregnant? – Quiz Clear Blue

Last great option is this online quiz made by Clear Blue.

Clear Blue is the company that makes the pharmacy pregnancy tests, so you’re dealing with a pro.

So if you want to do a pregnancy test, you can do it right now.

You won’t even have to wait to see if you period comes or not to make a test.

This ClearBlue Early Detection Pregnancy Test can be used up to 6 days before you find out about your period.

Maybe you’re one of the woman that feel and notice some symptoms earlier, but some won’t feel anything.

You can try out now the Am I Pregnant test and see if your symptoms may be an early clue of a baby on their way.

You can access the ClearBlue test on the website.

Now that you know 3 great ways to find out if you’re pregnant, make your test and get the results.

But, remember, this pregnancy test app are great but won’t replace a doctor’s test and advices.

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