Celebrity look alike app – Find your celebrity twin

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Does anybody ever told you that you look like some celebrity? With the celebrity look alike app you can find your celebrity twin right now.

With your smartphone you have so many app options do to whatever you want.

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You can even change all your face appearance, get make up on and so much more.

These apps have gone viral and you should really try it and see who’s your celebrity twin.

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Also you can play with your friends photos and send it to them and have a lot of fun.

Even as a joke, isn’t it funny to be compared to someone famous?!

Check out now how to find your celebrity look alike app:

1- Celebs – Celebrity Look Alike

First great option: with more than 64.5K Ratings: Celebs app

What celebrity do you look like? Take a photo on the app and Celebs will find your celebrity match.

The app is totally free.

With Celebs look alike app, you can find:

  • The celebrity you look like with the celebrity look alike filter
  • Your celebrity twin
  • The famous person you most resemble

The app has a technology to compare your photo to thousands of famous celebrities.

Then the app will to find your best match. It’s simple, fast and fun. 

This because the app uses real face recognition technology to analyze your face.

And then compare it to thousands of famous people all around the world.

Besides, you can take unlimited pictures to find your celebrity twin, as many time as you want.

Finally, you can share the results on social media or send it to your friends.

Celebs Celebrity Look Alike app is available for Android and iOS.

2- Gradient: Photo editor with AI

Second option: Gradient photo editor

The app is a very famous photo editor app.

That’s cause Gradient has a lot of features for you to have fun with it.

With Gradient you can:

  • Make yourself younger or older
  • Turn your photos into cartoons
  • Apply make up and Beaty filters to your photos

The app is also a celebrity look alike app.

So, Gradient uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your photos and compare them with famous people.

To do that, you have to choose the “Who’s Your Twin” option to find out which celebrity you look like.

Then, select on the app the photo you want to use to compare.

After that, the app will show you the celebrity you look like, in just a few seconds.

It’s very easy and fun!

Last, you’ll have the option to save the photo in different layouts:

To post on social media, stories, or to send it to your friends.

Gradient celebrity look alike app is available for Android and iOS.

3- Look alike – Celebrity

Last great option, Look Alike Celebrity app, used for over 10 million people from all around the world..

The app will analyze your face using a high-powered artificial intelligence and then search in a huge database for celebrities with similar faces.

If you have ever wondered “Which celebrity do I look like?”, the app is perfect for you!

It’s very to use, after opening the app, take your photo and then you can choose a celebrity category, for example:

Actors, musicians, models, athletes, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, comedians, DJs and more! 

After you select the category, the app will find your match. 

The celebrity look alike app also has a VIP plan if you’d like to get more features.

Look Alike Celebrity app is available for Android and iOS.

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