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If you need to leave the house to go to work and to your appointments without being surprised by the weather, you definitely need a Weather Forecast app.

With this app, you can have a complete overview of the weather for the whole day and also for the week.

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So, you can be prepared for your day ahead.

Is it going to rain? Get your umbrella! 

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Is it going to be cold? Bring a coat!

That way you will have all you need during your day outside of the house.

The great thing is that you can see the weather hourly so you won’t get caught by surprise.

Now, we’re gonna show you the best 3 Weather Forecast app. Check it out:

1- Weather – The Weather Channel

First great option, The Weather Channel has the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster.

With this app you can track daily forecasts, see live radar updates, local precipitation and storm alerts.

The live radar maps and rain tracker you warn you of: have rain, heat waves and incoming floods.

Also, about snow, snow storms and wildfires.

If you’re going to travel, with this app you will know what to bring.

You can plan up to 15 days in advance with confidence.

The app has some other great features like:

  • Detailed information of sunset times
  • Allergy, flu forecasts and humidity
  • Hurricanes and earthquakes alerts
  • Check your local radar and get weather alerts on your homescreen
  • Snow Intensity and snow Accumulation: Track snowfall over the last 24 hours and monitor the next 48 hours

And so much more.

The Weather Channel app is available for Android and iPhone.

2- AccuWeather: Weather Radar

Second great option, AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps.

The app is free and internationally recognized by the World Meteorological Organization with awards for:

“Best User Interface and Data Representation”

“Best Weather Warnings” and other awards

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AccuWeather it’s a complete and perfect weather app for you!

The app has some great features like:

  • Live weather forecasts with minute by minute precipitation updates
  • Daily forecasts: rain probability, wind, cloud coverage, wind, live radar, snowfall
  • Humidity, Air quality index, Allergy info and UV index
  • Local weather with alerts for: temperature, precipitation, allergy outlooks
  • Winter weather forecasts with warnings of snowfall probabilities and accumulation
  • Feels like technology: know how the weather actually feels outside
  • Alerts and updates
  • Timely tropical storm radar: see where and when storms might hit
  • 5-day precipitation outlook:  see what kind of rain, snow, and ice could be in your area
  • Look 45 days ahead and prepare for any weather

No matter where you go, with this app you’ll be prepared for any weather.

AccuWeather app is available for Android and iPhone.

3- Weather & Widget – Weawow

Last but not least, Weawow it’s a great Weather Forecast app with something special.

The app has the most beautiful weather-related photos, that were taken by photographers all around the world.

These photos reflect the current weather at your location.

So, you’ll be able to see if it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, then decide if you’ll need sunglasses or umbrella.

The name WOW comes from when you open the app, you’ll encounter amazing “wow” photos.

So, you won’t see that regular forecast screen but beautiful real pictures.

Also, if you take “wow” photos, you can post them on Weawow website, and then weather users all around the world will see them.

The app is totally free and available in over 50 languages.

Another amazing feature: The app’s layout is customizable, so you can choose what to display like: rain, wind gust, pressure, UV index etc.

You can even see: Sunrise and sunset time, twilight, moon phases, full moon and new moon day, age of the moon.

And pick widget themes, like: Simple, Currently, Today, Hourly, Daily, Clock, Hourly Graph, Daily Graph.

Isn’t a great app?

Weawow is available for Android and iPhone.

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