Pregnancy tracker – See your baby week by week

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Are you a mom to be? If you need help to go through this whole new and unknown season, a Pregnancy Tracker app will help you.

The unknown can be very scary, specially when you’re growing inside of you a little human baby.

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With this new season, you’re gonna face a lot of challenges and discoveries.

Every day is a new discover in your body, feelings and baby’s development.

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That’s why you should definitely get a Pregnancy Tracker app to help you.

With the app you stay up-to-date with everything that it’s going on in your body and baby’s body too.

Check out now the two best pregnancy tracker app we’ve picked for you:

1- Pregnancy Tracker app week by week in 3D

First great option, this is one of the best pregnancy trackers.

The app is for sure a must have app if you’re a mom to be.

The Pregnancy tracker app has the best articles and expert advices, also healthcare tips and much more.

With interactive 3D models you can see from blastocyst to fetus to baby.

So then you can track all your baby’s development week-by-week. 

The app also has great and important features:

  • Baby Development/Baby Size Guide – You can compare your baby’s size to fruits, animals and sweets
  • Interactive 3D models – See your baby’s development
  • Choose from multiple ethnicities, zoom in or out & rotate to see the baby’s intricate detail
  • Tap to see baby movements
  • Articles and guides that explain what happens each week
  • Complete guides about breastfeeding, foods and exercises 
  • 2D & 3D Scans of every week

Blood pressure app

  • Hospital Bag lists
  • Daily Blog Posts with tips, tricks and helpful advices
  • Due Date Calculator 
  • Weight log
  • Contraction Timer
  • Calendar to plan and document prenatal appointments
  • Baby names for inspiration

Pregnancy Tracker app is complete, free and available for Android and iPhone.

2- Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown

Second option, Ovia is also a complete app to help you when expecting a baby.

The app has personalized tools to help you to see your baby grow every day, and to track your baby’s development.

You will learn what to expect week by week in your pregnancy.

The app has great features like:

  • Watch baby grow with weekly videos
  • Track your health: mood, symptoms, weight, sleep, nutrition, activity and blood pressure
  • Baby names list – you can swipe to “like” and “love” you favorite ones
  • Compare your baby’s size to a fruit, pastry, toy or baby animal
  • Realistic illustrations of every week – zoom in to get closer look
  • Weekly articles for all stages, breastfeeding, twins and more
  • Development calendar and baby due date countdown
  • Baby bump tracker
  • Hospital bag list
  • See how big your baby’s hands and feet are
  • Kick counter and contraction timer
  • Due date calculator
  • New content every day
  • Community and support to ask questions and receive help

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app is available for Android and iOS.

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