Photo collage app – Make beautiful collages now

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If you love taking photos and making collages, you need to get a photo collage app.

It’s great all you can do on your cell phone, specially when talking about photo editor.

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Want to make a collage of pictures to post on social media? Or a collage of your kids? Pets?

With this app you can create a photo collage in seconds.

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It’s very easy to use and you can create as many collages as you want.

Also, you can use all trendy and cool templates and make awesome collages.

Now we’re gonna show you the 3 best options of photo collage app, check it out:

1- Collage Maker Photo Editor

First great option, Collage Maker is your go-to photo editor and collage maker.

If you’re wondering how does it work, it’s very easy to use: 

1- Pick the layout you like most 

2- Then, select your photos

Collage Maker will instantly remix them into a cool photo collage.

After that, you can edit and decorate the picture with filters, stickers, texts and much more.

The app has great features like:

  • Combine up to 20 photos to create a collage
  • 100+ Layouts of frames or grids to choose
  • Lots of backgrounds, stickers, fonts and doodles
  • Make free style or grid style collages
  • Choose sizes: For Instagram post, stories or other sizes
  • Photos in high resolution 

Collage Maker is available for Android.

2- PicCollage: Photo Layout Edits

Second great option, PicCollage is one of the most famous photo editor apps.

You can create amazing photo collages using card templates, layouts and frames.

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Also, you’ll have stickers, backgrounds, cards and doodles.

You can select the size of your collage: for posting on social media, for stories and so many other sizes.

On Freestyle mode you have freedom to create at your own pace. 

With pre-designer templates and frames you have many ways to make amazing holiday cards.

And with doodles you can write messages in your own handwriting or, illustrate something new.

PicCollage is available for Android and iOS iPhones.

3- Collage Maker – Photo Collage

Third great option, Collage Maker is a very famous and easy collage app.

The app allows you to create anu kind of collage you want.

Also, you can use filters, stickers, texts and lots of effects to decorate your photos.

Collage Maker has great features:

  • Pic easy and quick the photos in you phone gallery
  • Different sizes and types of collages
  • Add stickers, filters and texts
  • Turn, zoom in and mirror your pictures very easily
  • Choose the background you like most
  • Save and share your photos: with your friends, on social media, etc

With Collage Maker you’ll make amazing collages and you can see all of them and organize it as you’d like.

It’s a fun and easy way to make your photo collages.

Collage Maker Photo Collage is available for Android.

Now that you know 3 great options, get them on your phone and start making your collages now!

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