Baby tracker – Track growth & capture moments 

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Baby born? Congratulations! Get a Baby tracker to track your baby’s growth, development, capture beautiful moments and monitor routine.

There are apps to help you through your pregnancy. They will help you to track pregnancy week by week.

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But, after the baby is born, is time to get a different app.

The Baby tracker is the app you need now that your baby was born. 

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With the baby tracker, you can track all you baby’s development, growth and upcoming milestones.

Also, the app will bring you lots or supportive articles, breastfeeding video guides and more.

You can track baby milestones like grabbing, crawling and walking.

We’re gonna show you now the 2 best Baby Tracker apps, check it out:

1- Baby + | Baby Development & Tracker App

First great option, Baby + is the perfect app to track your baby’s development.

The app will guide you through the first 1000 days of your baby’s life.

You can record you newborn milestones and memories. 

The app has great features:

  • Daily information for your baby
  • Weekly development guides – see the growth tailored to your baby’s age
  • Parenting guides support you through the first year
  • Feeding Tracker monitors your breastfeeding, expressing & bottle feeding
  • Recovery tips ensure you look after yourself after labour
  • Sleep and Soothing Tracker follows your baby’s behaviour patterns
  • Track logs temperature, medications & vaccinations
  • Nappy Tracker – monitor how often your baby needs changing
  • Daily Journal – remember all wonderful experiences
  • Yearbook – create and share a digital book of all memories from baby’s first year

Pregnancy tracker app – Week by week

  • Add baby’s name and photo to make the tracker more personal
  • Appointments tracker – doctor, vaccines and more
  • Lullabies to help your little one fall asleep – get a new Disney lullaby for free each month
  • Share the app with loved ones to follow and track baby’s growth together
  • Support for multiple children or twins to record your unique family as individuals

Isn’t the app perfect?! You have to get it!

The Baby Development & Tracker App is available for: Android and iOS iPhones.

2- Baby DaybookBaby Tracker

Baby Daybook is all in one baby tracker app.

You can make family sync, growth tracking, reminders, photo albums and more.

You’ll be able to have baby log and organize activities and what to do next, like:

  • Breastfeeding tracker – nursing timer to track feeding duration for each breast
  • Monitor newborn’s reaction to solid foods to find preferences or allergies
  • Potty training – get a simple way of getting rid of diapers
  • Sleeping tracker – overnight and naps
  • Keep track of temperature, medicines, symptoms, doctor visits and vaccinations
  • Capture precious moments – photo album – so you can follow the development of your baby
  • Real-time family sync – data is safe in the cloud and can be shared with your partner or nanny
  • See a visual representation of your child’s day on an interactive day by day timeline
  • Other great features like: growth charts, reminders, data export and voice command

And so many other newborn baby tracker features.

Baby Daybook is available for Android and iOS iPhones.

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