Best apps to make you look old

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Have you ever wondered how you’d look like when you´re old? Or older? You can see now how you´re gonna look, check out the best apps to make you look old.

With the technology nowadays, we can do so many things with our smartphones.

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The most famous things are the apps and filters that can totally change our faces, hair and more.

With these apps, you can see how you’re gonna look older, younger, as a child, a baby, with different eye color.

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With make up on, with a new hair color and even a new and different haircut.

It’s amazing how many things we can do with these apps.

But, let’s focus today on the apps to make you look old, also known as aging effect or oldify apps.

What will you look like when you’re old? And what about your friends?

Check out now the best apps to make you look old we’ve picked for you:

1- FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

First great option, FaceLab is a complete photo editor app.

You can look old and young. You can cartoon yourself, apply beauty filters: makeovers, freckles, hair color change, and more.

All kinds of fun face swaps, also painting, zombie and funny face filters.

With FaceLab, you can do so many things:

Aging Effect
– Makeover & Beauty
– Hairstyles and Cool Beards
– Cartoon Yourself Effects
– Gender Changer

FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging app is one of the best apps to make you look old available for Android.

Celebrity look alike app – Find your celebrity twin

To try these options, it’s very simple, you can either choose a photo from your phone gallery or take a great selfie with the camera.

Then the app will show you how you’ll look old in the future, without having to age in the real life, cool right?

2- FaceApp: Face Editor

Second great option, one the most famous photo editor apps, FaceApp is a complete app with tons of filters for you to enjoy.

You can turn your selfie into a modeling portrait! With this app you have everything you need to create amazing photos.

The app also offers filters, backgrounds and effects.

With FaceApp you can:

– Aging – old filter and young filter
– Add make up on and perfect your selfies
– Add beard or mustache
– Change your hair color and hairstyle
– Add volume to your hair
– Try trendy makeup filters
– Remove acne and blemishes
– Smooth wrinkles
– Try out color lens
– Easy compare before & after
– Gender Swap – See what you’d look like in a different gender
– See what your future baby and kids would look like

And so much more!

After you try the filters and get your perfect photo, younger, older, or with a make up on, you can save and share it.

You can share on your social media and send it to your friends too.

The app will be the perfect best apps to make you look old and anything else you want.

Isn’t FaceApp: Face Editor perfect? The app has everything you need!

FaceApp: Face Editor is free and available for Android and iOS iPhones.

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