Blood Pressure app – 4 best options

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If you finding controlling your blood pressure a challenge, we’re going to present you a app that will help you: blood pressure app.

With this app, you can record your continuous BP, discover reliable smart graphs or analyses.

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Also you can solve your inquires to maintain very good health.

That’s a great way to keep track and stay health and safe without having to leave your house.

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With the app You can manage your blood pressure, especially high BP or low blood pressure.

Check out now the best options of blood pressure app we’ve picked for you:

1- Blood Pressure Monitor

First great option, this app will recorder blood pressure source for you to use with great ease.

You can:

Know your Blood pressure condition
Log Blood pressure readings easily
Get auto-calculated blood pressure range
View long-term tracking and analysis
Know Blood pressure knowledge extensively
Back up data securely

Blood Pressure Monitor is free and available for Android here.

2- Blood Pressure Diary

Second great option, a 5 stars on Google Play Store, Blood Pressure Diary help you to control your BP.

Besides, it’s simple and easy to use this blood pressure app:

– Easily log and track systolic, diastolic and pulse by just swiping your finger
– Automatically calculate blood pressure
– Easily add tags for example: irregular heartbeat, cuff location, if you’re seated or reclined
– You can easily search your data by date, tags, and even blood pressure zones
– All blood pressure zones: Stage 1 and 2 Hypertension, Prehypertension, Normal, Hypotension

It’s helpful to monitor and control your blood pressure and health.

You can start managing your BP and heartrate now by using Blood Pressure Diary app.

The app is free and available for Android.

3- SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure

This great option, for people with iPhones and iOS devices.

SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure is a smart way to manage your blood pressure measurements and track your progress.

With SmartBP you can record, track, analyze and even share your Blood Pressure information with your doctor.

That means you can have more active role in your own health.

Smart BP is available for iOS iPhones here.

Record systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and weight.

Also, body mass index (BMI), pulse pressure (PP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) is automatically calculated.

You can even enable/disable weight monitoring.

Whether prehypertensive or hypertensive, SmartBP can help you to manage your blood pressure measurements improving your blood pressure.

4- Blood Pressure

Last but not least, Blood Pressure is a complete app to help you to control your BP with multiple build-in features.

The app has measurements analysis, statistics and graphs.

All comprehensive reports that you can send to your doctor.

Also, with Blood Pressure app you will discover by yourself what, when, and how different factors can influence in your BP.

The app has great features:

– Friendly and easy in use user interface
– Systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight
– Save, edit and update your measurements
– Add tags, date and time of BP measurement
– Support for multiple users
– Charts

You can also export data to CSV or PDF – detailed with graphs and statistics

Even set reminders that help to monitor blood pressure on a daily basis.

Special feature: customizable colors for values of systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight.

This function is especially useful for color blind users.

Finally, you can backup all your blood pressure data, so no need to worry about loosing them.

Blood Pressure app is free and available for Android here.

Remember that these apps are not a substitute for a doctor or professional healthcare or advice.

If you need help with your healthcare, go see a professional.

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