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If you are wondering if you’re pregnant, you can take a test now and know more about pregnancy. Try out now the pregnancy test online.

There are a lot of options available of pregnancy test for you to take online without having to leave your house.

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That way, you can see now if you’re possibly pregnant or not.

Because your body give many signals and clues about being pregnant and you can feel it.

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We’re going to show you now the best 4 options of pregnancy test app and pregnancy test online, check it out:

1- Pregnancy Test Quiz

First option, pregnancy test quiz is an app that for sure will help you to know whether you are pregnant.

That’s possible thanks to a lot of questions based on all pregnancy symptoms.

The app is a complete pregnancy calculator, where you can find sections with important information about early pregnancy signs.

Learn now how take the pregnancy test:

1- Get the app

2- Click on the Pregnancy quiz – that’s the main tool

3- The app will ask some questions about symptoms you’re feeling, you’ll have to answer them

Then, the app will give you the results whether you’re pregnant or not.

Finally, the app offers a lot of articles with advices, tips and recommendations to help you through pregnancy.

Baby heartbeat app – listen to you baby’s heart


The articles are also about when to take a pregnancy test, early symptoms of pregnancy and even what to do when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Quiz is available for iOS iPhones.

2- How to know if you’re pregnant

Second option, this app for Android phones, will help you to know what are the chances of you be pregnant.

This pregnancy test online can identify 16 early signs of early pregnancy symptoms.

With that, you can take a look of all 16 symptoms and if you have any of them, you can understand if it’s pregnancy.

Usually, first symptoms are: Headache, Dizziness and retching.

But, all these symptoms can be confused with period symptoms.

That’s why it’s important to know the difference, so the app will help you to understand that.

Also, you can see the section “Frequently Asked Questions” to get help if you have any questions about pregnancy.

Besides that, the app has tips like:

– What to do if you are pregnant
– What is the first week of pregnancy like?
– Pregnancy symptoms of every week
– What pills relieve early pregnancy symptoms

How to know if you’re pregnant app is available for Android.

3- Am I Pregnant? – Quiz Clear Blue

Last but not least great option is the Clear Blue pregnancy test online.

Clear Blue is the company that makes the pharmacy pregnancy tests.

If you want to take a pregnancy test online, you can take it now.

The ClearBlue Early Detection Pregnancy Test can be used up to 6 days before you find out about your period.

Some woman will feel early symptoms, some won´t feel anything.

So with the online test you’ll be able to see if there’s a baby on their way.

To take the test, access ClearBlue on the website .

Now you know 3 ways to find out if you’re pregnant, make your test and get the results.

Baby heartbeat app – listen to you baby’s heart iOS iPhones

How to know if you’re pregnant Android

Quiz Clear Blue website

It’s always important to visit a doctor if you’re pregnant.

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