App to watch your city via satellite

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If you want to see your city through satellite images, you need to check out the app to watch your city via satellite.

Nowadays satellite images are very important because they help us to locate and move around.

Publicidade - OTZAds

In this way, these images provide a realistic experience of your city or any other desired location.

So you can plan, for example, your entire travel itinerary in anticipation.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Avoiding unexpected situations during the trip.

In this way, the app to watch your city via satellite is very useful.

With just a few clicks you can have a privileged view of the place you wish.

Furthermore, if you can’t stand carrying traditional maps on your trips anymore, this platform will help you a lot.

The advantages of this app are endless, mainly because it brings much more security and comfort of having local information in advance.

For this reason we’ve separated a list with some applications that can make your life much easier.

1. Google Earth

First we will talk about this application that is a great option for you who want to see the world from up above.

Google Earth is an app with 3D satellite images of all places in the world.

In this way it offers a very realistic experience of your city or any other place.

As well as tourist spots and important constructions around the world.

With this app to watch your city via satellite you can zoom in to see every detail up close.

In addition, the platform has a 360 degree perspective of street view, and all this for free.

Finally, you can find this app available for Android and IOS devices.

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2. Terra Explorer

Terra Explorer is an excellent choice if you want to see places in high resolution.

It is also an application that provides very realistic 3D satellite images.

In this way, this app has a differential, as it integrates with Skyline products for easy access to your data.

In addition, it is a free platform that has a photo-realistic database created with the TerraBuilder software.

This allows you to visualize your chosen location in the highest resolution and most convenient way.

You can find this application available for free for Android and IOS devices.

3. Google Maps

Finally we will talk about Google Maps which is also a great option for those who wish to have access to satellite images.

This application besides allowing gps navigation also provides many other functions for free.

For example, it provides updated traffic conditions.

This way you will always know the best route to take, without taking the risk of running late.

In addition, it also provides offline maps so that you can see the route to your desired location.

Thus, even if you are without an internet connection, your route will not be affected.

It also features 360 degree street view and even pictures from inside museums and restaurants.

Google Earth Android and IOS

Terra Explorer Android and IOS

Google Maps Android and IOS

Finally, this platform is available for Android and IOS devices.

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