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If you are passionate about flying and want to have this experience virtually, you need to check out the flight simulator app.

If you have the desire to fly a plane, with this platform your dream can come true.

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In this way, these games have 3D images that will make your experience very realistic.

Furthermore, with these applications you don’t have to invest so much money and time in your dream.

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This explains why these games are in great demand today.

Who has never dreamed about driving in the clouds?

For this reason the flight simulator app will be of great help in achieving your dream.

Currently there are several options of platforms available for free or paid.

Therefore, in this article we will show you the best apps available for you to use and have fun.

1. X-Plane Flight Simulator

First we will talk about the X Plane Flight Simulator which is perfect for you who are looking for a realistic aircraft.

This app is not a game but a flight simulator, and currently has more than 1 million downloads.

With this flight simulator app you can model the flexibility of the aircraft’s wings.

This way you can even shape the landing inclination.

In addition, the app features very detailed landforms, realistic airports and even 3D airports.

However, this platform has a paid version, but you can normally use it for free.

Finally, you can find this app available for Android and IOS devices.

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2. Flight Simulator 2018 FlyWings

This platform is also an excellent option for you who want to fly through your cell phone.

Flight Simulator 2018 lets you choose from a variety of options.

For example, airplanes, fighter planes, helicopters and more.

In this way, this app also features 3D graphics of cities and landscapes.

All this to give you an amazing and realistic experience.

Furthermore, you can fly with other pilots around the world in multiplayer mode.

This way, you can choose to fly day or night, the weather conditions and even the wind speed.

The app also allows you to record your flights and share the best moments with your friends.

This platform is available for free for Android and IOS devices.

3. Flight Sim

Finally we will talk about Flight Sim which is a great option for you to simulate your flights.

With it you can control your aircraft through different scenarios of your choice.

For example, flying over mountains, oceans and farms.

Furthermore, this app has more than 20 detailed aircrafts, 5 environments and several camera views.

Thus, the platform has high quality images and several missions for you to accomplish.

With each mission accomplished, a new one will be unlocked.

This way you can train your skills as an aircraft pilot and have a realistic experience.

All you need to get all this is a cell phone and the flight simulator app that is available for free.

So it is a much more cost-effective app.

Finally, this application is only available for Android devices.

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