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If you are always needing to carry a tape measure everywhere, you need to check out the Tape Measure app.

With it you can always measure whatever you want, all you need is your cell phone nearby.

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All you have to do is point your cell phone’s camera at the place or object you want to measure, and that’s it.

This way you can measure anything you want in a much simpler and faster way, without the need for a tape measure.

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In addition, the tape measure app can scan the desired object or space.

It will tell you all the measurements in a few seconds, making your life much easier.

This way, you will have a tape measure anywhere at any time with just a few touches on your cell phone screen.

Currently there are several free and paid options for measuring tape applications.

That is why we have separated the best options for you to choose and enjoy this tool.

1. Ruler App- Camera Tape Measure

First we will talk about the Ruler App which is great for you who are looking for a virtual tape measure.

This app works with augmented reality by measuring the real world through your cell phone’s camera.

In this way it has a 3D plan that allows you to calculate the length of a path and much more.

For example, it allows you to measure the volume of 3D objects, the area, and the perimeter.

All you need to do is point the camera of your cell phone at the desired location and in just a few seconds you will get the result.

In addition, you can calibrate your app’s ruler using basic items such as coins or cards.

Finally, this app is available for Android and IOS devices.

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2. Measure

In this paragraph we will talk about Measure which is excellent for those who want to measure objects with convenience.

This tape measure app has Ar ruler, Ar tape measure, Ar protector and Ar distance.

So it can be used to measure length, distance, angle, elevation and even volume in a very practical way.

Just like the other application, Measure also only needs the camera of your cell phone.

And so you will have access to measurements quickly and free of charge.

This application is only available for Android devices.

3. ARPlan 3D: Tape Measure, Ruler, Floor Plan Creator

Last but not least we will talk about ARPlan 3D which is also considered an excellent option.

This platform also uses augmented reality through AR technology to perform the measurement.

This way, you can measure doors, windows, and even floor plans of important projects.

Just point your cell phone camera at the desired object.

Furthermore, you can create a 2D side view plan and create 3D floor plans of the room with all the measured dimensions.

Then you can store and share the floor plan measurements by email, message, or social media.

And you can have access to these functions for free, making your daily life much more efficient.

Finally, this platform is available for Android and IOS devices.

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