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Have you ever imagined yourself bald? If you’re curious but don’t want to shave your own hair, meet the best bald app.

Nowadays there are many apps that can totally change our face, add makeup and change the color or style of our hair.

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Among them, there are lots of options of “go bald app”.

So, if you like to edit and change with your photos, you need to know these apps.

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Also, having a new hairstyle simulator is a great alternative for those who want to change but are still unsure.

Even if it’s just for fun, going bald and playing a prank on your friends can be a very fun!

So, check out now the 3 best bald app options we’ve picked for you:

1- BaldBooth – The Bald Prank App

The BaldBooth app, is one of the most popular and best app to go bald.

First, you need to take a photo on the camera on the app or you can choose one from the phone’s gallery.

Then, the app recognizes the face in the photo and with just a few clics, the transformation is complete.

You don’t need an internet connection, that’s great, because you can have fun with it anytime, anywhere.

Besides, when you shake your cell phone, you can check the before and after.

How about sending the photos to your friends? Save the bald photo and share it on social media or send it by email.

The BaldBooth go bald app is available for iOS iPhones.

2- Make Me Bald Prank

Second, as the name implies, this application is used to play a prank that you are bald.

It is one of the most fun available as it is interactive.

In other words, you use your finger like a razor to shave the hair from your photo.

That way you can make the hair in the photo as you like.

If you prefer, you can even apply one of the effects that the application offers to go bald.

How about adding other details, like a mustache, for example?

In addition to the option to shave your own hair, you can also make other editions.

So the game gets even better!

Once the photos are ready, save them to your gallery and share them on social media and you’ll have lots of fun.

The app is available for Android.

3- Bald Me Booth: Hair Remove App

Last, with this go bald app, it’s very easy to shave your hair.

You can try it out on a photo of yourself or even friends and family’s photos.

To see the transformation, you need to take a photo or you can choose one from your phone’s gallery.

It’s best that the photo shows your face from the front and that you are alone in it.

After that, in just a few seconds and clics, the change is complete.

You can also save the new photo and share it with anyone you want.

This app is available for iOS.

These go bald apps are very easy and quick to use.

With them you no longer have to wonder how you would look bald.

Just choose the one you like most and check the results having tons of fun!

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