App to view your town via satellite

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If you want to get a view of your city from above then you need to check out the app to view your town via satellite.

Satellite images are very important because they help us to locate in space.

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Therefore, nowadays there are many satellites with high precision that can even show places in real time.

That is why the app to view your town via satellite is extremely necessary.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Moreover, with it you will be able to program your trips and routes in advance in a safer way.

This application is also very practical and efficient to use, just a few clicks on the screen of your cell phone and you’re done.

This way, it will give you access to all the images and routes you want in a very faster way.

Currently there are many free and paid platforms available.

That is why we have selected the best application options that will certainly make your life easier.

1. Google Maps

First we will talk about Google Maps which is excellent for those who want to have access to satellite images.

This app to view your town via satellite has several functions.

For example GPS and current traffic conditions.

Thus minimizing the chances of having unexpected events on the way.

It also works offline so you can have your route saved and available.

This way, you can arrive at your desired location even if you are not connected to the internet.

Google maps also allows 360 degree street views and even pictures from inside restaurants or museums.

Finally, this platform is available for devices with Android and IOS systems.

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2. Live Satellite View – GPS Navigation & Earth Map

In this paragraph we’ll talk about Live Satellite View which is also a great option if you want to see places live.

This app allows you to access a live satellite view for free.

This way, through it you can find the shortest route and projected directions during a trip.

This way is much safer, easier and comfortable to get around.

In addition, it also indicates gas stations, restaurants, or hospitals that are close to you.

So you are always informed about the place you are visiting.

Live satellite view also features a detailed voiceover with route details while you are driving.

This application is available for free for Android devices only.

3. Google Earth

Last but not least we will talk about Google Earth which is considered by many to be an excellent option.

This application has 3D satellite images of all places around the world.

This way you can have a very realistic view of your city or even tourist spots and important constructions.

Moreover, it has more than 100 million downloads.

With it you can see every detail of the map in high resolution and all you need is your cell phone nearby.

With this app you can access these satellite images for free.

Finally, this platform is available for Android and IOS devices.

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