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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a beard? If you are curious to find out, the beard app simulator can help you.

We all know that when it comes to male beauty, a beard is a very important thing.

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And just like a haircut, a beard can have many different styles.

If you’d like to grow a beard but are still unsure whether or not you’d look good with it, the beard filter can help.

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Just choose the one that suits you best and it will bring much more personality to your look.

So, it’s very easy to see what you’d look like with a beard.

What do you think? 

So check out right now the 2 options of beard app we’ve picked for you:

1- Beard Booth Studio

This app allows you to preview how you would look like with a beard.

And the cool thing is that It’s very easy to use the beard filter:

First you must choose the photo you want to apply the beard or take one with the cell phone’s camera.

Then choose the beard filter with the style that you like the most.

There are 9 free templates for you to see and try which one suits you best.

You can even try an assortment of classic and contemporary beards and mustaches.

And also other facial embellishments made famous by some of the manliest men in the history.

Finally, just adjust your favorite on the your face and you’re done!

In other words, this app to simulate beard is a simple and fun way to try out a new look.

Whether you never wanted a beard or you’re a late bloomer you can now “grow a beard” very easily.

The app even allows you to save the new photo and share it on your social media too.

The Beard Booth Studio app is free and available for iOS.

2 – Hair and Beard Styles

As the name implies, this application offers options for “hair and beard styles”.

It’s a complete beard photo editor for you to try out now.

Looking for a new hairstyle? Perhaps a beard, goatee or a moustache?

You will be surprised how different you can look!

First, choose the photo you want to add a beard or mustache or take one with your phone’s camera.

Once you’ve decided on which one you like the best, adjust it to your face on the photo.

After that, you can change the beard color chosen too.

There are several colors at for you to pick one and you can even make it colorful.

So, just choose the color you like and then have fun with the results.

Don’t forget to save the photo to send it to your friends. They’re gonna love it!

Hair and Beard Styles is available for iOS.

With the beard photo editor, it’s very easy to check out the new look without having to grow a beard.

And then, everyone can look different and have fun with the new beard.

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