Exercise tips without the use of equipment

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With the emergence of the pandemic, home workouts have become common, and that’s why you need to check out the exercise tips without the use of equipment.

Now you can train in the comfort of your own home and get great results even without the typical gym equipment and supplies.

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This way, we know that taking care of your health is very important, and that’s why the exercises tips without the use of equipment will be of great help.

Besides having total autonomy to set up your workout according to your needs, you will have many other advantages.

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For example, you can guarantee health and wellness for free, without having to spend money on the purchase of equipment or a gym.

This way you can save money and still take care of your health, obtaining excellent results.

That’s why we’ve separated a list with some important tips for you who want to train at home, but don’t have any equipment.

1- Use your own body weight

First, we will talk about the importance and effectiveness of using the weight of your own body during the practice of the exercises.

This way, you will be performing a functional and intense workout providing better well-being, health, and self-esteem.

These workouts should be at least 30 minutes long in order to maintain the quality of the results.

In addition, you can still choose the area of the body you want to exercise.

However, it is important to say that warming up before the beginning of the workouts is extremely necessary to avoid possible injuries.

In this way, it is important that you focus on performing the exercises with a correct movement and not on speed.

Exercise hints to do at home


2- Climbs – exercises to do at home

In this paragraph we will talk about climbing, which is also a great exercise to do at home.

This is a high intensity exercise using only the weight of your own body.

This way, you can burn calories and still be able to define your body the way you want.

In addition, this aerobic activity requires a lot of strength.

Because it raises the heart rate, promoting great caloric burn and muscle strengthening.

Thus, through this exercise you can tighten your abdomen, strengthen and define your legs even without the use of equipment.

This way, you can have a significant improvement in your cardiovascular system, always focusing on the correct execution of each exercise.

3- Burpees – exercises to do at home

Last but not least, we will talk about burpees, which are great exercises.

Specially for those who want to improve their physical conditioning.

This activity provides cardiorespiratory resistance and weight loss in a very effective way.

You can do it anywhere because it is a simple, fast, and effective exercise.

Furthermore, the burpee includes three exercises: arm push-ups, squats, and a jump in this sequence.

This way you will be able to train several muscle groups by performing only one exercise.

So if you are looking to lose weight and strengthen your muscles, this exercise is a great option.

This activity is often used in crossfit and is excellent for defining the abdomen.

It can also stabilize the body, especially during bending and squatting.

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