Foods that can cause gastritis

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If after eating you feel discomfort and stomach burning, then you need to check out some foods that can cause gastritis.

Anyone who suffers from gastritis knows how uncomfortable it can be to feel the bloating and cramps that always appear after eating.

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In this way, gastritis is an inflammatory condition that not only causes discomfort, but can also harm your health in long-term.

Some foods reinforce the secretion of gastric acid.

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And we know that this is the major responsible for the burning sensation.

That is why it is important that you know some foods that can cause gastritis.

Thus, in these cases a medical support is necessary.

However, avoiding the ingestion of these foods will also help a lot in the treatment of gastritis.

In addition, you can also take some preventive measures.

For example, not eating too fast and eating your meals in calmer places.

For this reason, we have separated a list with some foods that you should avoid and thus be free from discomfort.

1- Gum

First we will talk about the chewing gums that are consumed by many people quite frequently.

These chewing gums are highly harmful to our health.

Thus, when we chew gum, the stomach prepares itself by producing gastric acid.

This acid serves to digest the food, but in this case the food does not reach the stomach.

Therefore, the acid becomes harmful and ends up attacking the stomach, bringing a burning sensation and pain.

And that is why this food is not indicated for those with gastritis and should be highly dispensed.

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2- Condiments

In this paragraph we will talk about the condiments that can be extremely harmful to our stomach.

There are several foods that can cause gastritis, such as chili peppers, ready-made spices, and ketchup.

Thus, the consumption of ready-made sauces especially can initiate an injury.

In addition, condiments are highly rich in preservatives, which can aggravate and worsen the condition.

Thus, besides being unnatural foods, they damage our health in a long term.

So in addition to avoiding these condiments it is also important to follow up with a doctor.

3- Fried food

Now let’s talk about fried food, which is one of the biggest causes of gastritis.

Fried food and other preparations cause gastric irritation.

Thus, especially foods with reused oils have the ability to aggravate gastritis.

In addition, fried foods are of concern because they produce oxidizing substances.

Thus, these substances increase the pain and discomfort.

However, it is important to remember that this burning sensation is not restricted to fried food only.

There are many other foods and factors that can cause gastritis.

4- Citrus fruits

Last but not least we will talk about how harmful citrus fruits can be.

In this way, some fruits like orange and lemon tend to increase the acidity of the stomach.

So it is important to avoid them especially if you are already having a gastritis attack.

In addition, eating them with an empty stomach can further increase the acidity and cause intense pain.

In this way, foods using lemon or even tomatoes as seasonings should be avoided.

This way you will be preserving your health and well-being

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