Foods that harm cholesterol

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If you have high cholesterol and want to become a healthier person, then you need to be aware of some foods that harm cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fat that is very important for the functioning of our body, but when eaten in excess it can cause serious problems.

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Thus, when cholesterol is too high in the blood, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases.

In addition, it is always important to control cholesterol because if it is too high it will block the passage of blood and create a thrombus, or even cause a heart attack.

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There are some foods that harm cholesterol, and through a balanced diet this cholesterol can be controlled.

However, it is important to remember that a good diet is not enough to improve health.

Regular exercise is necessary, as well as medical follow-up.

This way you will be able to improve your blood rates and still avoid the appearance of serious diseases.

For this reason we have separated a list with some foods that increase cholesterol and should be avoided in your routine.

1- French fries

First of all, we will talk about french fries, which are a very high fat-content food.

Although it is often consumed by many people, this is one of the foods that harm cholesterol.

Thus, french fries are harmful to health because they are rich in hydrogenated vegetable oils.

In addition, it causes weight gain, blood pressure, and increases the risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Thus, the potato has a high glycemic level, and when ingested it turns into sugar in the body, causing weight gain.

Thus, if eaten in excess, they can even bring risks to your liver.

However, it is not necessary to discard them from your diet, you can look for a healthier preparation and eat them in moderation.

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2- Hamburger

In this paragraph we will talk about all the risks that hamburgers can bring to your health.

So, because it is an easy and quick food to eat, many people choose to consume this type of food.

This food is filled with a high amount of cholesterol, sodium, and conservatives.

Thus increasing the chances of obesity and heart disease.

In addition, eating hamburger regularly can lead to fatty liver and many other problems.

But if you wish to eat hamburger even so, you can opt for a healthier home-made version.

With integral bread, lean meats and no oil or other fats.

3- Ice cream

Last but not least we will talk about ice cream, which is one of the main foods that increase cholesterol.

Thus, it has been proven that just one cup of ice cream has more fat than a hamburger, and more cholesterol than 10 donuts.

In addition, industrial ice cream is high in sugar, fat, and artificial colorants.

Thus, they are highly harmful to your health.

And besides raising your cholesterol, it can cause serious damage to your nervous system.

Therefore, you can easily replace ice cream by other foods.

For example, frozen fruits like banana, mango and even coconut.

This way you can make your own ice cream at home and in a very healthy way.

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