App for taking care of plants

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If you are a nature lover, like to know about plants and take care of them, then you need to know the app for taking care of plants.

We know that taking care of a plant is not always so easy.

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Each species has different needs, each with a different care.

The app for taking care of plants will help you to know more about how to manage your plants properly.

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You can even know how many times a day to water them or the right time to prune.

In this way you will be able to grow the garden of your dreams.

Also you can distinguish and identify each type of species, or even detect certain plagues.

So if you dream of having a garden with your favorite plants, then these apps will be perfect for you.

Moreover, you will never forget to water your plants again.

Or even let them die because you don’t know the specific needs of each one.

For this reason, we have put together a list of the best apps that can help you grow your plants in a very healthy way.

1- Plantix

First, we will talk about Plantix, which is a great application for those who wish to solve doubts and learn everything about plants.

With this application you can detect problems in your plantations, such as plagues and diseases.

Plantix has 30 of the main crops and is also able to detect more than 400 plant damages.

All you have to do is point the camera of your cell phone and take a picture of the sick plant.

Furthermore, this application is considered the best in damage detection and pest control.

Thus, it allows you to calculate the ideal amount of fertilizer for each plantation.

In this way, you will have a higher output from your plantation.

Finally, this application is available for free only for Android devices.

2- Plant Finder Tree identifier

In this paragraph we will talk about this application that is also a great option if you want to identify different plant species.

Plant Finder allows you to identify plants, flowers, and trees very accurately and quickly.

Just point the camera at the desired plant and the application will tell you the name of the species in a matter of seconds.

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In addition, you will also receive a detailed description of each plant.

For example, its origin, care, and much more.

Thus, Plant Finder is an excellent choice of app for taking care of plants.

However, this application has a paid version.

So you can choose the weekly plan for $3.99, the monthly plan for $9.99 or the yearly plan for $39.99.

This app is only available for free for IOS devices.

3- PictureThis – Plant Identifier

Last but not least we will talk about PictureThis, which is also an excellent option for plant lovers.

With this application, besides identifying several types of species, you will also receive suggestions and opinions from professionals in the area.

This way, you will have valuable tips on how to take care of your plants and keep them strong and healthy.

Finally, this application is available for free for devices with Android and IOS systems.

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