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Have you ever wondered which celebrity do you look like? Find your twin celebrity now with the celebrity look alike app.

Apps that change our face and appearance have gone viral on the internet.

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You can use these apps to edit photos and have fun with all you can do with them.

The technology allows you to do things like: grow old, change your hair color or simulate a beard, for example.

Publicidade - OTZAds

So, with the celebrity look alike app you can find your celebrity perfect match.

Besides, knowing which celebrity you look like it will be much fun.

Even as a joke, we all like to be compared to someone famous.

So if you’re curious and want to meet your celebrity lookalike, check out the apps we’ve picked for you:

1- Look Like Me?

With the Look Like Me app you can find out which famous you look like.

First you need to choose a photo from the gallery or take one with your cell phone’s camera.

After that, just click on the “Find” option and the app will show you the results.

Pretty simple, right?

If you prefer, you can use photos of other people and also find out who your friends look like.

The app even allows you to save the photo with the comparison.

Also, you can show it to anyone you want and share it on your social media.

Look Like Me is available for iOS.

2- Celebrity Look Alike Who? Me!

This app has celebrity look alike filter option to see what famous you look like.

The app analyzes your face and based on it shows your lookalike.

To find out you must take a picture with your cell phone’s camera or choose one from your gallery.

Then it will show you who you look like.

In addition, the app also shows the percentage of similarity to the other person.

If you want to see other results, just click on “Next Closest Match” and it will show you more options.

Therefore, you can make several different comparisons and find the one you like best.

Don’t forget to save the photo and send it to friends.

The app is available for iOS.

3- Gradient: Photo editor with AI

This app is well known among those who wants to change the look in the photos.

The app has many features for you to have fun with it.

Among them are the ones to make yourself younger or older, turn your photo into a cartoon or apply beauty filters.

Besides, it’s also a celebrity look alike app.

Gradient uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your photos and compare them with others.

Choose the “Who’s Your Twin” option to find out which celebrity looks like you.

Select the photo you want to use and that’s it, in seconds the app will show you the results!

Then you can save the photo in different layouts, both ready to post on social medias or send it to your friends.

Gradient celebrity look alike app is available for Android and iOS.

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