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If you are passionate about music and love to sing, then you need to check out some karaoke apps.

With these applications you can have fun with friends and sing your favorite songs.

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This way you can sing national and even international songs, just choose your favorite.

Then you can compete with your friends and compare each other’s performance in the final ranking.

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With these karaoke apps all your parties will be very exciting and fun.

To have access to all this fun is very simple and practical.

Just install the application and always have your cell phone nearby.

Thus, you can sing a lot with your friends.

And the best of all is that the applications are free, so you can have fun in a practical and especially economical way.

Karaoke apps are great for people who can’t stand having to worry about renting a karaoke set and spending money.

For this reason, we have selected a list of the best karaoke options for you to sing a lot and liven up your party.

1- Smule

First of all we will talk about Smule, which is considered to be the best karaoke application.

With it you can create recordings and even videos singing the most played songs of the moment.

This way you can share the videos on your social networks with your friends.

Furthermore, Smule allows you to sing a capella, alone or even in groups.

Then you can use effects and filters on your videos to gain more views.

In this way, Smule offers access to over 10 million songs of different genres.

It also allows you to do duets with your favorite singers such as Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber.

Finally, this application is available for free for Android and IOS devices.

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2- WeSing

In this paragraph we will talk about this application that is perfect for you who want to sing your favorite songs and follow the lyrics on your cell phone.

This way you can sing with your favorite celebrities and even send online gifts to the singers.

In addition, the app allows you to create albums with your favorite songs and send messages to other WeSing users.

You can also use a patch to tune your voice and improve your recording.

Just have your cell phone nearby and you are ready to become a star and share everything with your friends.

This application is available for free for Android devices only.

3- StarMaker

Last but not least we will talk about StarMaker which is also a great choice for those looking for karaoke apps.

This way, you will receive amazing music recommendations according to your taste.

With StarMaker you can make recordings and even improve your voice.

This makes it easy to sing and have fun.

This application has all the most played songs of the moment.

So just install it, choose your favorite, and start singing.

Finally, this application is available for free for Android and IOS devices.

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