Tape Measure Apps

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If you are forced to carry a tape measure every time you need to measure something, then you need to check out some tape measure apps.

With these apps you will never have to worry again, just have your phone nearby and that’s it.

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It is a very practical, fast, and most of all, economical option.

With the tape measure apps you will no longer spend your money to buy a new tape measure.

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All is need is to point the cell phone camera to the desired location and you will have the exact measurements.

So, with just a few taps on the cell phone screen you can take the measurements of whatever you want anywhere.

Whether at home, on the street, or even on public transportation.

It is important to remember that currently there are several free and paid options available for installation.

For this reason, we have selected a list of the best options available to make your day to day life easier.

1- Measure

First we will talk about Measure which is a great option for those who wish to measure objects in a quick and objective way.

This application can measure length, distance, elevation, angle, area and even volume.

All of this is done through augmented reality and easily replaces objects such as rulers, tape measures, and protractors.

In addition, this app includes the AR ruler, AR tape measure, AR distance, and AR protractor.

Futhermore, it is possible to take a picture of the measurement or even make recordings.

In this way, the ruler, distance and protractor tools are distinguished by color in the result of your photo or video measurement.

Finally, this application is only available for free for Android devices.

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2- Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure

In this paragraph we will talk about this app that is also a great option for those who are looking for a virtual tape measure.

This app also works through an augmented reality and allows people to measure many objects and shapes.

For example, distance, angle, area, perimeter, volume, path, and height.

Just point the cell phone camera and in a few seconds the results will be there.

Thus, this application is as efficient as the traditional tape measure.

Also, it is a free app, so there is no need to worry about spending money.

This tape measure app is available for free for Android and IOS devices.

3- Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

Last but not least we will talk about this application which is also an excellent option.

This app works for phones and even tablets.

This way, all is need is to choose to measure in inches or centimeters.

In addition, it is possible to access the history and see all the recent measurements.

Then you can copy the measurement results and paste them into other applications.

So, with this application you will always have a tape measure available in your pocket.

All of this in an efficient and economical way.

Finally, this application is only available for free for Android devices.

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