App for aging in pictures

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If you have the desire to know how your appearance will be in 30 or even 50 years, then now you can with the app for aging in pictures.

We are all very curious to know how we will look in the future.

Publicidade - OTZAds

With white hair or not, wrinkles and even aging expressions.

In this way, the app for aging in pictures can help you to satisfy this curiosity.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Just have your cell phone nearby, take a picture of your profile, and you’re done.

In a few seconds it will give you the result of your older version.

It is very simple, practical, and mainly, fun.

This way, it is even possible to reduce aging anxiety and get a preview of how you will look in the future.

So, put an end to your curiosity and install now, for free, the apps for aging in pictures.

For this reason, we have separated a list with some options of apps that can reveal how you will look in the future.

1- FaceApp

First of all we will talk about FaceApp, which is considered the best application to simulate aging.

This way, you can edit your selfies and share them on social networks with friends.

All this for free.

In addition, you can also add backgrounds, filters, and more.

This way your photos will look amazing and fun.

FaceApp has more than 500 million downloads.

So with this application the edits become very realistic, and you can age your photos with just a few taps on your mobile screen.

No need to spend hours editing your photos.

Finally, this application is available for free for Android and IOS devices.

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2- Make me old

In this paragraph we will talk about this application for aging pictures that is also a great option.

With this application you just have to choose a photo from the gallery or even take a current photo and that’s it.

Just have fun with the result.

This way, you just need to always have your cell phone nearby and test it with your friends.

Then, just download the application and you will be ready to meet the future you.

This application is available for free for Android devices.

Furthermore, it is possible to include movements and animations in your older self.

For example, sighing, winking, smiling, and even sneezing.

With Make me old the fun is guaranteed.

3- Magic Face: face aging, young camera, fantastic app

Last but not least we will talk about Magic Face which is a great option for you who want to see yourself in the future.

This way, it allows you to see your future look, white hair and even wrinkles.

To do this you just need to take a picture of your face.

In addition, this application also allows you to learn more about your ancestors, change gender, and even get younger.

In this way you can also make up your photo and edit it in any way you like.

Finally, this app is only available for free for Android devices.

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