Vehicle tracking app 

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Looking for a vehicle tracking app ? In this article, we will present you some options. 

If you are a driver, you have probably had trouble remembering exactly where you left your car parked. 

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This happens frequently with most drivers. 

For example, who has never forgotten where they parked their car in a shopping mall or supermarket parking lot? 

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Also, if you work with vehicles, whether you deliver goods or move people… 

Today, we present you the solution to your problems with a tool that will make your life easier! 

The answer is: smartphone technology, and the days when you get tired and worried looking for your vehicle are over. 

Therefore, vehicle tracking apps are a valuable and easy-to-use tool, and there are several free options for iPhone and Android. 

Besides, you can use this kind of application as a security tool in case your car is stolen. 

That is why we are going to present you some vehicle tracking apps options to help you find your car. 

1. GPS Vehicle Tracker – EverTrack 

First of all, let’s introduce you to the GPS Vehicle Tracker Evertrack app.  

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EverTrack is one of the best car tracking applications available today, with excellent user reviews. 

In fact, this app is perfect for tracking fleets of vehicles in real time.  

So, if you work with a fleet of cars, this is a good option for you.  

Due to the intelligent activity recognition technology, EverTrack GPS tracker is an excellent choice for tracking cars or other vehicles. 

To use EverTrack as a vehicle GPS tracker, all you have to do is invite your drivers and install the application on your employees’ mobiles.  

This application is available for Android

The application is simple to operate, like a normal GPS, but it is very efficient.  

2. SpotAngels Parking & Gas 

Secondly, we introduce the SpotAngels Parking & Gas app. 

This application has several features: besides helping you find where you parked your car, it also helps you find places to park. 

The parking spot saver is available everywhere. 

However, the parking tickets part is only available in a few cities in the US. 

This vehicle tracking app is available for both android and iphone

One further point: this is a paid application, but you can take advantage of the free 7-day trial 

Besides, you can cancel anytime and will be reminded 2 days before the end of the trial. 

3. ParKing – Find My Parked Car 

Finally, we offer an option for iPhone users: the leading application on the Apple Store ParKing – Where is my car?  

 So, using this application is very simple: just enter the application and tap on your screen on the location where you are. 

Thus, a single click, the application retains the location and places your position on the map with the GPS tracker.   

ParKing is a very complete application and notes the location but also the address of the parking place.  

This vehicle tracking app is only available for iPhone. 

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